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The shy Beast and the thorny Beauty chap 3
Chapter 3 Healing
"I'm done."
The pale man was startled hearing Gabriel coming back from the bathroom and looked at him over the couch.
"Can I take a look at your injuries?" Angel asked.
Gabriel looked at him and huffed, but he moved to the couch and sat down on the floor, while Angel moved and carefully undid the bandages to check the wound. It was still healing and looking well, and that was a relief.
"Are you sure you are not feeling dizzy, nausea or anything weird?" He mumbled, his goldenrod eyes still on the wound.
"I'm fine, mommy." Gabriel huffed and Angel snorted.
"Don't tease, I'd kill to have a mother worrying for me when I was of your age."
He stopped cleaning the cut when Gabriel looked up at him, frowning. "What do you mean?"
"I didn't have a family." Angel simply explained. He had to run away and ended up in places Gabriel shouldn't ever experience. His family wasn't too kind with Angel because of his deformity and the orderlies weren't kind either.
Even in the mental hos
:iconillydragonfly:IllyDragonfly 2 0


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Emergency Bust Commissions OPEN
Hi guys! Would you like a character of your choosing in a cute lil design like this with transparent background? ;っ;
$10 each, or $5 for a white version like this 
(Way cheaper than my usual comms, and prices have some flexibility bc things are kinda dire)
My bank charged me a $90 overcharge fee, and I needed to give up employment due to some recent abuse, so all expenses are eating into my very limited top surgery fund. Therefore, any support would be greatly appreciated. 
:iconfuure:Fuure 4 6
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Who really am I part 4 Final
Who really am I?
Soundwave's sunglasses crushed on the ground when the girl beside him jumped on him, and he was forced to hold her slim wrists to avoid her surprisingly strong and fast attack that was aimed straight for his jugular. The much smaller girl was giving off a rather disturbing grin, a dark look on her face as she moved off him fast. Still crouched down a little chuckling, she watched him careful. She seemed much like a lioness, about to pounce on her prey.
“My my your much more hotter without those glasses my dear “she purred, walking around him smiling looking at him up and down. Her voice sounded much more confident and cocky " it is interesting to see what you could do...maybe I won't harm you… much" giggling as she stood up, still circling him like a hungry shark. Soundwave glared at her, he was now fully on guard. This version of Snowfire seemed much more violent and animal like …which meant she was going to be very unpredictable. At least when
:iconfierydragonwriter:fierydragonwriter 1 2
Who Really Am I Part 3
Who really am I Part 3
After a short while, Snowfire whined a little as she grabbed Soundwave hand pulling him out" let's go back....I would never hurt anyone....I..." whining again as she was walking away rubbing her head. Hearing those words made her head hurt and her vison blur as she would try and focus on lighter happier thing. Like how nice it felt to hold Soundwave hand, or how she felt safer when Soundwave had nodded as her and was now gently holding her shoulder while they started moving back towards her room. She smiled softly  and gasp a little sigh once  they were  back to her room, s " I...don't know what's wrong with me...or why I am one ever told me...but...the others just say I'm ...... scary..." giving a little growl as she held her head again as a sharp painful stab shoot thought her head.
There was a reassuring and comforting hand gently patted on her back and she smiled at the tall man, it had also seemed to take away the pain and fuzziness
:iconfierydragonwriter:fierydragonwriter 2 2
Who Really Am I Part 2
It had been two weeks since Soundwave had become Snowfire’s guard, it had been odd for her because not only did she not have any black outs and she could also recall everything she did. But no doctors had come to see her either; Soundwave still had not spoken to her and would only nod to her. He would always stay with her   all day, no matter where she went part from the bathroom. He would just follow her to where ever she wanted to go and once he had even played a game of chess with her. He won of course; she had never been good with those games.
Today they were walking around the small library that the asylum had, there was not many book to choose from but there was still some interesting books to read. Like the one she was currently reading called, Sleepy hollow.  It was the right amount of creepy that she just adored, looking over at Soundwave she wondered what his favourite kind of book was. It was then when a soft jingle of bells and a sweet humming sound was hear
:iconfierydragonwriter:fierydragonwriter 1 2
Who really am I
Who really am I?
It had been raining for a long time now; so much so that the courtyard had there were going to be no outside activities until it would be drained. The young woman sighed as she carried on watching the rain fall from her window in her room. She had already forgotten just how long she been here now...was it a week? Or it could maybe be a month? …she could not really remember. This was mainly due to the fact that she had being getting  blackouts , which had then started to leave things in a bit of a blur most of the time now.  But what had really scared her most was the fact she was wake up in very odd places. Or she would have items she did not recognize that would be on her, it had scared her more when she came too after who knows how long and she was covered in blood and carrying a knife. That was when the police came, taking her away and putting her in a cell.
All she remembered from that time was being taken to this strange new place ful
:iconfierydragonwriter:fierydragonwriter 2 2
Predators must eat by Korhann
Mature content
Predators must eat :iconkorhann:Korhann 33 10
Happy VDay to you and yours by fairchildart Happy VDay to you and yours :iconfairchildart:fairchildart 109 13


by Neko-Vi

This is my first critique and I really hope no one will get hurt or consider it too amateurish. As artist Nekovi is clearly talented, f...


IllyDragonfly has started a donation pool!
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So I'll buy commissions, I'll donate to my friends and will do more contests and giveaways! :D

I improve a little more every month, check my gallery if you don't believe me or feel curious. Sometimes my commissions take a while to be done, but I assure you that you'll be fully satisfied once I'm done. :)
I accept POINTS always and art trades sometimes!

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My commissions

-If someone is interested I sell prints of my photos too!
-I can draw humans, animals, aliens, monsters, chibis, mecha (not too complicated), mhythological animals, anthro, sexy, funny, sad things... ask me and I'll tell you if I can do it! :thumbsup:

-One chibi (normal, zodiac sign or with a food/drink you like) 200 :iconpointsplz:

-One colored commission no background 300 :iconpointsplz:

-One reference sheet for 400 :iconpointsplz: with the information and the details you need

-One full colored comic page 500 :iconpointsplz:

-One poem or short story 100 :iconpointsplz:

-One paper doll of your character or avatar 300 :iconpointsplz:

-One photo commission (you can choose among: animal, plants/flowers/mushrooms, landscapes, or me holding a fansign) 200 :iconpointsplz:

Extras include: more than two characters, backgrounds
or for stories longer than 2 pages or for poetries longer than 1 page.


These are icons and stamps made for me by great artists. NOT FOR FREE USE, they are my PRECIOUSSSSS! Thank you.

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pixel icon by Freysen (here I own just the middle girl)
.: RQ :.icon by XD-or-what

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Sexeh Time by Jasmo
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To Do List

1) 'I'm sexier than any girl, bitch!' project (coming soon)
2) 'More badass than any boy, man!' project (need to start)
3) Monsters meme part 2 (need to start)
4) Contour challenge with my OC Angerona
5) Crack pairing challenge (need to start)
6) Keep going with 'Asylum stories', 'Deity Daily' and 'Spring is in the air' with :iconkorhann:
7) art trade with :iconkregl: (Babi half body winter look) (sketching)

Empty (for now)


Warning to all the ones who are here for the COSPLAY photos

Just some clarifications because I had to answer to these questions quite often:

:bulletgreen: YES, I post photos of other people in cosplay, not just me.
:bulletgreen: YES, if you want you can post the photos I take of you online, BUT credit me with a 'Copyright 2018 IllyDragonfly' in the description.
:bulletgreen: YES, if I photographed you, you could find your photo in my 'Cosplay' folder, BUT just if the photo satisfies me. I won't spam my watchers with a ton of bad lit, blurred, or with lame poses cosplayer photos. Sorry.
:bulletgreen: YES, you could find your photo in my 'Cosplay' folder, BUT this doesn't mean it will be in my gallery forever. I get picky the more I take photos and sometimes I clean my folders a bit. So save your photo and don't torment me asking 'Where is my photo, why did you delete it?!?'
:bulletgreen: YES, if I photographed you, you can ask me in a private to send you the photos.
:bulletred: NO, I DON'T KNOW most of the cosplayers I take photos of (I personally know like 1% of them) and I won't give you any personal information, unless I have their plain authorization
:bulletred: NO, tormenting me with tons of 'when will you post my cosplay photo???' won't make me post them faster. Actually, if you are rude and clearly come all friendly to me just to have your photo in cosplay will just make me change my mind. I do it for free and for passion, so be polite.

And most importantly:
:bulletred: NO, I'm NOT going to do sexy/hentai photos in cosplay for ANY price for ANYONE. Please don't be gross.

Thank you for your attention. :)

April Fools' day. Should I celebrate it here on dA? 

9 deviants said Yeah, celebrate it with art with your OCs! :eager:
8 deviants said Yeah, celebrate it with a joke like your goth selfie last year! :)
4 deviants said Nah, I hate April Fools' day. :stare:


Don't fear the rain, tomorrow is the day and here the clue
I'll leave my slow ass pc to reach a comic convention
Black Butler lovers rejoice, a tailor you rarely mention
But so lovely and feminist, easy to guess, can you?
I woke up today like usual  to go to work, very early
And the world was white with a lot of beautiful snow
Playing hookie, but my character is used being naughty
Jackie Frost is back people and will venture out, wow!
A quite happy/weird note to end the day,
I love you all and cherish you, you can say
While I looked for creepy girls art I saw familiar features
Pale skin, dark hair, empty eyes, both creepy creatures

Just noticed the similarity, search for Jane the Killer,
And then look for my Angerona the dead fox
Seriously these two girls are adorably rippers
Should I draw them and see if creepy/cute rocks?
Mardi Gras finally is upon us all, my lovely crew
This sick dragonfly is sick to rest
You suspected it already, the surprise I probably blew
Tomorrow I'll leave with a lot of zest.

Dark colors are badass, I'm addicted to black
Even if I'll be the oldest in costume walking out I don't give a damn
Bitch, cute pointy ears and tails are back!
With this clue and a new prop in the gallery you know who I am...
My lovely cat came back from vet
I'm so glad they took the nasty tumor on his muzzle away!
But it couldn't be so easy, you can bet
With a plastic cone he can't eat and take his antibiotic, no way.

So here you have a sleep deprived dragonfly,
who is also pretty desperate and feeling lazy
One more problem, my anxiety will just amplify
Can anybody advice me before I get crazy???

Pulsating muscular organs, everywhere!

Journal Entry: Tue Feb 13, 2018, 12:35 PM

Greetings, beautiful patients and curious stalkers out of there.
That time of the year came once again and for the first time we can celebrate Valentine's Day in our asylum :iconthe-lunatic-asylum: . Please avoid bringing your somebody special still blood dripping organs or limbs if you may, we don't want to be scolded by the cleaning lady. Instead, why you don't scavenge for the creepiest, most wicked Valentine's day cards ever made?
Here just a few I managed to find in the lands of deviantART.

Did you find anything even more adorable? Did you create something even better? Comment down below and share the weirdness with all the patients and staff. And have fun, even if you are not in a relationship: I'm sure the ones you stalk in silence all the time will give up, one day. And if no, you can still try to court the police officers coming to arrest you! :thumbsup:

I wish you a great and insane stay in your new home.
Dr. Psychic Astrea, the Forensic Psychiatrist
Dr Psychic signature by IllyDragonfly
Have a heart by IllyDragonfly

"Roses are blood red, gentians violets are blue.

You look lovely asleep, I'm always watching you."

Your Stalker

Skin by UszatyArbuz

Journal History


Artist | Varied
Other websites (but I'm always on dA):
LiveJournal (written works) name illydragonfly
Furaffinity.Net (visual art) name Ladysadique01
If you want you can watch me there too. ;)

I like using stamps (as you can see!) but I didn't create them.
These stamps are done for me by my dear friends
Boyfriends an alien stamp by athyn100 Boyfriend will eat you stamp by athyn100 IllyDragonfly Fan by British-Prophetess Breakfast Otherwise I'll Bite You by British-Prophetess Diet stamp-Request #6 by SilviaStarlight5

I love drawing and writing, and taking photos. I love my cat, and I'm a fan of Predators, District 9 aliens and Transformers: sexy alien fans unite!
What else mhm... ah! I'm a cosplayer, older than 21 when I started and proud to be! ;)

Current Residence: Under your bed, ih ih!
Favourite cartoon character: Sebastian, the black butler and Starscream by Transformers prime!
Personal Quote: Acqua cheta rompe i ponti

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A sneak peak into my head and mood


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MYO: Entry 1/2  and 2/2..and 3/2, 4/2 etc... (: by 42Ly

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Yay, another sleep deprived one as well, I slept like two hours last night. :facepalm:
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Yeah its been a difficult thing since last week, I explain on my journal
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