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March 8, 2013
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Animal meme Karnak by IllyDragonfly Animal meme Karnak by IllyDragonfly
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Here my OC Karnak the yautja in many animal forms!

Human: I imagined him as a surfer

Dog: A dog called Pastore Italiano, practically a wolf, agile and big, very diffident towards strangers, but very loyal with its master. It can live for long, but becomes adult very quickly.

Cat: Norwegian Forest Cat because Karnak is calm but can become very active and lively sometimes and because he is very curious.

Horse: Irish cob. Little as horse, but with a gentle mood and even if it's little and muscled, it can be agile and elegant

Bird: we call it Ittero Alirosse (Agelaius phoeniceus) and I chose it because this little bird can be very aggressive to protect its territory, even attacking humans... and because the male has many partners and yet a female can have different fathers for her offspring (then it's perfect for my Karnak, since he has two partners).

Reptile: Biacco (Hierophis viridiflavus) because it's a little snake poisonless but quick, agile and quite aggressive with someone who bothers it.

Aquatic: A little Betta splendens, Halfmoon variety. They are little but true warriors, and I like this variety because they are orange and Karnak has green-orange eyes. Males build the nestle with bubbles and then take care of the eggs and of the offspring until the little fishes can take care of themselves.

Dinosaur: Compsognathus longipes one of the tiniest dinosaurs but they are pretty cute, aren't they?

Fantasy: I don't know why, but I find Selkies or Roans pretty sexy! So, here Karnak as a Selkie, a Seal Man. In a tale it was said that if a unhappy woman shed seven tears in the sea, a male Seelkie was attracted to her.

Own choice: I decided to make Karnak veeeeery cute and funny at the same time, so here Karnak as a fluffy Angora rabbit! :XD:

I own Karnak because he is my OC, but I don't own yautjas.
Here the blank meme [link]
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Human: :yawn:
Dog: cute little puppy :lov:
Cat: Nyon cat! [link]
Horse: nice horsy :)
bird: I hate Twiter
reptile: [link]
Aquatic: BLub Blub
Dinosaur: Flintstones,
Fantasy: ?
Own Choice: My sister always rides on
I liked the dog a lot!
Well, you should take a look in the Net for Selkies, they are interesting!
did you click on the link to reptile? because there is a song called Reptile and that is what the link was too, someone dancing to the song reptile.
I saw both the links (the first made me shiver, but since I drew one of my OCs as nyan cat, I can't complain!)and the second the guy looks a bit strange: let alone for his arms, he looks a bit stiff!
;) well he was dancing the robot, so he would have seemed stiff.
oh and that bunny looks like my sisters rabbit, she always owns Jersey Wooleys and they always look fat. :)(my first comment got messed up. I guess its because I am tired :yawn: :sleep:
Okay, no problem! Yes, fluffy rabbits are quite funny!
XenoPredDragon Mar 8, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
These animals are so well described to fit Karnak. :giggle: Excellently executed, and glad to read the extended information you put in the artist commentary. :thumbsup:
I like the more deep research of animals more native to the habitat of your country, thought the Irish Cob, mythological Selkie, and the Norwegian Forest Cat took me by surprise. :XD:
Yes, I looked for Italian animals, but I love Ireland soooo, I took a look in there too. At first I thought to use a Main Coon as cat but then changed my mind, because they are very big, and the Norwegian instead is a bit smaller. I wanted a feline who likes the forest.
Many thanks dear, you made my happy! ;)
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