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You are alone inside of Yourself
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My commissions

-If someone is interested, I sell prints too!

-One of YOUR OCs as a chibi (you can ask it as zodiac sign too) for 90 :iconpointsplz:
Kregl's contest 3rd prize for M-I-D-S Annoyed Ylan by IllyDragonfly Chibi raffle prize for Compeepip Begging Fenelle by IllyDragonfly

-ask a colored commission for 120 :iconpointsplz: (more points if you ask backgrounds or more than two characters) like these TheOracleDragon point commission Olo reference by IllyDragonfly Mobin-Da-Vinci commission Fem Soundwave tough girl by IllyDragonfly

-ask a partially colored comic page for 140 :iconpointsplz: (I'll color just a panel and eyes) Point Commission TheOracleDragon OC comic by IllyDragonfly

-ask a full colored comic page for 180 :iconpointsplz: like these xLosersRuleTheWorldx commission 2 Boobs lover by IllyDragonfly xLosersRuleTheWorldx commission 3 Ties by IllyDragonfly

-I write poems and short stories for 90 :iconpointsplz: SteelmindxShockwave Lose controlSteelmindxShockwave Lose control- Commission for YukiOni
Steelmind sighed as he nibbled at the straw of his drink. It was the third one offered to the slender seeker in less than an hour from the third person, but he simply nodded to the mech who was staring at him and smiled, before playing with the straw again and tapping his claws on the bar counter.
His purple optics probed the whole bar. Many femmes and mechs were glancing at him, someone with a lustful stare, someone with an annoyed one –since he was clearly distracting the boyfriend or the girlfriend- and then there were the curious ones. The worst.
They looked at the shining and smooth silver and purple frame, at those huge and sharp wings, at his noble and a bit haughty features and thought: ‘where did I see him? How can I forget about a face like that?’…
Steelmind hated that kind of people the most, because he felt his back itching from those stares, he could feel their questions in his mind, botherin
SteelmindxShockwave- Multiple me“Here we are.”
Steelmind startled when the tall purple mech turned his helm to stare at him, surprising the young seeker as he was playing with a flower.
That building was so huge and wealthy looking with a shiny bluish floor and the minimalistic design of the lamps. Sure it was very far from the opulence of Steelmind’s, but he liked the flowers in the vase put on small and slender columns close to each apartment. So essential and yet elegant.
“You don’t like flowers?”
Mhm? Steelmind looked down and saw that his left servo was tightening too much the flower he caught, grinding it. But what…
Steel, what are you doing? He asked, frowning to his weak alter ego. Why the sweet and softspark himself was that angry? He was usually so submissive and gentle.
Go back to your nap, I want to have fun with this big lug again. He sharply told as felt Steel squirming a bit as if he was having a nightmare.
“Not very much, I’m allergic!” Mind

Prices increase if you ask for more than two characters, for backgrounds Friendship by IllyDragonfly Disturbing mushrooms by IllyDragonfly I3-byUsagi commission Horror movie girl by IllyDragonfly TheOracleDragon point commission- My princesses by IllyDragonfly
or for stories longer than 5 pages or for poetries longer than 2 pages.


IllyDragonfly has started a donation pool!
2,914 / 5,000
So I'll buy commissions, I'll donate to my friends and will do more contests and giveaways! :D
1 :llama: from me for 2 :points:

Take a look on my gallery folder to see my level and then commission me! :D
Ask me with notes and we can negotiate prices: I accept POINTS and drawings barters!

:iconpointsstamp1::iconpointsstamp2: DA Stamp - Commissions Open by phantompanther :iconpointcommissionsopen: Requests - Friends Only by SweetDuke :iconkiribansopen: Point commissions are open by MariaKoch Art Trade Stamp by Heavy-Inamorato DA stamp - Roleplays 006 by tppgraphics

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These are icons and stamps made for me by great artists. NOT FOR FREE USE, thank you.

Boyfriends an alien stamp by athyn100 Boyfriend will eat you stamp by athyn100 IllyDragonfly Fan by British-Prophetess Breakfast Otherwise I'll Bite You by British-Prophetess Diet stamp-Request #6 by SilviaStarlight5 :thumb388904126:
pixel icon by Freysen (here I own just the middle girl)
.: RQ :.icon by XD-or-what Sexeh Time by Jasmo :thumb413964701: Helen by ceilonn :thumb430826066: Icon commission for IllyDragonfly by pixelMizu Icon Commission for illydragonfly by Virtriol Cat in a box by seedles Re-animation Potion by arada11 Icon Angerona by Korhann Icon Comission 1 by xStarlightWishx Comm: Illydragonfly icon by Kregl Deathdancer by No-pe Zombie Angerona Icon by Korhann Death Dancer by No-pe and edited by Jasmo by IllyDragonfly Commission for IllyDragonfly by That-Cake Widget Comm: Asphodele icon by Korhann Illydragonfly By Silverthetwilight-d8pigxf Angeron by IllyDragonfly Angerona Newest Gif by frozen-space




Thank you! :heart:
Mon Jun 1, 2015, 11:04 AM
good night illy
Sun May 31, 2015, 3:24 PM
Hi! :)
Wed Feb 25, 2015, 6:34 AM
Hi :D
Wed Feb 25, 2015, 6:14 AM
Is it funny, eh???? I like funny videos with Alien and Predator! :XD:
Tue Feb 17, 2015, 5:13 AM
Mon Feb 16, 2015, 8:09 PM
You're webcam xD
Mon Feb 16, 2015, 8:08 PM
Sat Dec 20, 2014, 5:08 AM
Yep, that's the spirit! 웃❤유
Fri Dec 19, 2014, 4:54 PM
For me it's fine like that. I prefer points so I can decide to use them in different ways, no problem for me. If I'd receive a PM probably I would look for someone else who could need it.
Fri Dec 19, 2014, 7:53 AM


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To Do List

1) Keeping art and comics about my OC Karnak (and Erik)
2) Ask to my OCs
3) The celebration page of Erik/Karnak comic (for the 100 watchers aim)
4) :icondear-cotton-candy: collaboration meme
5) Expressions challenge v2
6) Expressions challenge raffle prize :iconnon-nobis-domine: In love Nava
7) Ruby's 31 Day Magical Girl Challenge
8) :icon8ieni: art trade
9) Turtleneck keyhole sweater meme with boy OCs
10) :iconavadras: free D9 chibi commission (not decided yet)
11) :iconmapuri: :iconkregl: :iconimaginary-rose: chibi with food raffle (not decided yet)

12) :iconfiji-fujii: Nua and Lemayian full body

Your mood right now? 

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Artist | Literature
Other websites (but I'm always on dA):
LiveJournal (written works)
Furaffinity.Net (visual art)…

I like using stamps (you can see here! :heart:) but I didn't create them.
These stamps are done for me by my dear friends
Boyfriends an alien stamp by athyn100 Boyfriend will eat you stamp by athyn100 IllyDragonfly Fan by British-Prophetess Breakfast Otherwise I'll Bite You by British-Prophetess Diet stamp-Request #6 by SilviaStarlight5

I love drawing and writing novels, tales, poems and photograph.... and I love Predators, Dragons, Transformers: they're so beautiful, lethal and sexy!
Ps: and I've a very big infatuation for Erik, the Phantom of the Opera!!!!

Current Residence: Under your bed, ih ih!
Favourite cartoon character: Sebastian, the black butler and Starscream by Transformers prime!
Personal Quote: Acqua cheta rompe i ponti

Free counters!

The Judgement Day has come

Journal Entry: Wed Jul 1, 2015, 3:16 AM

Dear patients, good morning. The whole staff wishes to thank you for your appreciating and participating to our Art project 'The Longest Night'.
I hope you had fun during this long journey, started the 1st of June, one year ago.
When :icondocali:,me and :iconsinistrosephosphate: started planning this epic challenge which would lead us in the darkest corners of the human mind we'd never imagine so many would have participated and with so much enthusiasm.
I wish to thank you all, one by one, from the bottom of my heart, for your supporting this great project.
Without Dr Syn and Nurse Docali we would never have such an amazing result, we wouldn't have such an organized and well kept event and with even works to inspire the patients, so take one moment to visit them, even just to say them 'Good morning' or 'Thank you for your efforts'.
They deserve it and I'm very honoured to be part of the staff and call them colleagues.

But now the important things.
We are going to judge every single work we received from any patient and will evaluate the best work (which suits the hour theme the best) for every 'hour' and then will go ahead until we have the official winners.
We could take one day, or one week, it depends on how much unanimous our choice will be.
So stay tuned with the Asylum journals to see who won. And thank you for your efforts, I never saw so many great artists participating all at once.

Here the prizes which are waiting for the harvest.

Spotlight First Prize: Spotlight

Points 500 and a commission by :iconsinistrosephosphate:  
Points 50 by :iconillydragonfly:  
one month feature on the group journal :iconmadmen-asylum:
one free commission (written or drawn) by :iconillydragonfly: 
Points 90 by :icondocali:
A short written commission by :icontheoracledragon:
A detailed black and white request by :iconblood-pleasures: 
A batch of 20 postcards (reproduction of the winning artwork) by :iconart-and-books: 

Spotlight Second prize: Spotlight
Points 300 by :iconsinistrosephosphate:  
Points 30 by :iconillydragonfly:  
one month feature on the group journal :iconmadmen-asylum:
Points 60 by :icondocali:
A short poem by :icontheoracledragon:
A simple black and white request by :iconblood-pleasures:
A batch of 10 postcards (reproduction of the winning artwork) by :iconart-and-books: 

Spotlight Third prize: Spotlight
Points 100 by :iconsinistrosephosphate:  
Points 20 by :iconillydragonfly:  
one month feature on the group journal :iconmadmen-asylum:
Points 30 by :icondocali:
A batch of 5 postcards (reproduction of the winning artwork) by :iconart-and-books: 

I am a dummy!   Judges: I am a dummy!  
:iconn7vega: our kind and patient principal Dr. Lecter, always eager to make our patients feel at home.
:icondocali: our trained and caring nurse Dr. Docali, probably the only one still sane here.
:iconsinistrosephosphate:  Dr. Syn, our one-on-one counsellor and man of letters.
:iconillydragonfly:  Dr. Psychic, the forensic psychiatrist who'll check all the rules are scrupulously followed.

Here the official entries! Check if your entry is in, if no and you submitted your work in time for the hour and followed the rules, just warn me!

 Star! One o'clock: Erotomania Star!

Contest Entry: Love, love me do! by Citrus-Orange Midnight by Rexionete
Star! Two o'clock: Arachnophobia Star!
Caught by Citrus-Orange Arachnophobia by Graphite451
Star! Three o'clock: Kleptomania Star!
The Kleptomaniac's Compulsions by Feraligatr66
Star! Four o'clock: Ophidiophobia Star!
CE: ... something's there. by sp00ntane0us Ophidiophobia by athyn100 Embrace Her Fear - Ophidiophobia by MonochromaticART Red and Yellow by Graphite451 Ophidiophobic by Feraligatr66
Star! Five o'clock: Pyromania Star!
The Pyromancer by Graphite451 Maniac by Citrus-Orange Big Hair? Biggest Hair. by Graphite451 Fire by Feraligatr66
Star! Six o'clock: Agoraphobia Star!
I'll just stay in the closet. by DulaniY Agoraphobia by DulaniY
Star! Seven O'clock: Megalomania Star!
Megalomania by Feraligatr66 A New Era by TheKingOfDolls
Star! Eight O'clock: Claustrophobia Star!
Eight O'clock - Claustrophobia by Eledhwen-Arts Eight o' clock: Claustrophobia by wapowska123 Embrace Her Fear - Claustrophobia by MonochromaticART 8 Oclock contest entry -nubbuka by nubbuka Contest: Claustrophobic by hopelessromantic721
Star! Nine O'clock: Micromania Star!
Buried Beneath by doodler89 Weeah 2 by lamPkin Dying to Please by Graphite451 This can't be! by rhavendc
Star! Ten o'clock: Trypanophobia Star! 
Trypanophobia by Heyrandomppl Kissing God by IggySlash Did God  make me afraid? by keith2c The Consultation by Graphite451 Medicine by Ktoya CE: Trypanophobia by piirmy Trypanophobia by MultiartisTrypanophobia by Feraligatr66
Star! Eleven o'clock: Monomania/Persecutory DelusionsStar! 
The Milkman Cometh by Graphite451
Star! Twelve o'clock (midnight): PediophobiaStar! 
sawblade sprite by CapnSkusting Claudia by IggySlash Bondage Barbie by Multiartis Vonessa by IggySlash There's a snake in my boot. by GAM3RG33K2014 Dolly Dagger by IggySlash Porcelain Curse by GAM3RG33K2014 Possession by Drewtaryn All I Heard Was ~ * Burn * by IggySlash Betsy and her Baby Dolls by wapowska123 Matilda Doesn't Dance by IggySlash Awaken by IggySlash 3 little babydolls by Dark-Scratcher Bait by Graphite451
Star! Thirteen o' clock: Triskaidekamania / TriskaidekaphobiaStar! 
Ways To Come Undone by IggySlash13: Under the skin by DulaniYTattoo by YautjaMystic13the thirteenth brush by CapnSkusting13 by IggySlash13 Triskaidekaphobia by Multiartis13 O'Clock: Triskaidekamania / Triskaidekaphobia by garnet69frost.:PREOCCUP13D:. by LCNeko-tanThirteen: Insanity Raynes by garnet69frostEntry for MadmenAsylum's contest by ThatWallflower

We will feature the participants and the winners for at least a month in the Asylum entrance. And the winner(s) will be contacted individually for their prizes. 

If you are interested in reaching out to the staff for conversations, one-to-one sessions and a guided-tour of the grounds and the lay of your mental mindscape, or just want to have some cake with the forensic psychiatrist, please don't hesitate in letting one of us know. We are mostly approachable and we take pride in our work and our patients.

Have a nice and insane stay in our home,
Dr. Psychic


Haute Couture Wedding by Neko-Vi
by Neko-Vi

This is my first critique and I really hope no one will get hurt or consider it too amateurish. As artist Nekovi is clearly talented, f...


Honored by having them by my side

:iconkregl: :icontheoracledragon: :iconsnowdragongal: :iconi3-byusagi: :icondear-cotton-candy: :iconmmsmith1777: :icondarksora01: :iconjasmo: :iconnon-nobis-domine: :iconsweetyxenomorph: :iconxenopreddragon: :iconblood-pleasures: :iconkorhann: :iconceilonn: :iconcompeepip: :iconfiji-fujii:



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