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IllyDragonfly has started a donation pool!
4,455 / 6,000
So I'll buy commissions, I'll donate to my friends and will do more contests and giveaways! :D

I improve a little more every month, check my gallery if you don't believe me or feel curious. Sometimes my commissions take a while to be done, but I assure you that you'll be fully satisfied once I'm done. :)
I accept POINTS always and art trades sometimes!

DA Stamp - Commissions Open by phantompanther :iconpointcommissionsopen: Requests - Friends Only by SweetDuke :iconkiribansopen: Point commissions are open by MariaKoch Trades - Ask Me by SweetDuke DA stamp - Roleplays 006 by tppgraphics

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My commissions

-If someone is interested I sell prints of my photos too!
-I can draw humans, animals, aliens, monsters, chibis, mecha (not too complicated), mhythological animals, anthro, sexy, funny, sad things... ask me and I'll tell you if I can do it! :thumbsup:

-One of YOUR OCs as a chibi (you can ask it as normal chibi, as zodiac sign or with a food/drink you like) for 200 :iconpointsplz:
Kregl's contest 3rd prize for M-I-D-S Annoyed Ylan by IllyDragonfly Chibi raffle prize for Compeepip Begging Fenelle by IllyDragonfly AndItWasSo prize Sagittarius by IllyDragonfly

-ask a colored commission for 300 :iconpointsplz: (more points if you ask backgrounds or more than two characters) Happy birthday Dear-Cotton-Candy Anything else? by IllyDragonfly art trade megane-mochi Nolia Shirayuki by IllyDragonfly

-ask a reference sheet for 400 :iconpointsplz: with the information and the details you need (more points if the character has many details) TheOracleDragon point commission Olo reference by IllyDragonfly

-ask a full colored comic page for 500 :iconpointsplz: like this xLosersRuleTheWorldx commission 2 Boobs lover by IllyDragonfly

-I write poems and short stories for 100 :iconpointsplz: SteelmindxShockwave Lose controlSteelmindxShockwave Lose control- Commission for YukiOni
Steelmind sighed as he nibbled at the straw of his drink. It was the third one offered to the slender seeker in less than an hour from the third person, but he simply nodded to the mech who was staring at him and smiled, before playing with the straw again and tapping his claws on the bar counter.
His purple optics probed the whole bar. Many femmes and mechs were glancing at him, someone with a lustful stare, someone with an annoyed one –since he was clearly distracting the boyfriend or the girlfriend- and then there were the curious ones. The worst.
They looked at the shining and smooth silver and purple frame, at those huge and sharp wings, at his noble and a bit haughty features and thought: ‘where did I see him? How can I forget about a face like that?’…
Steelmind hated that kind of people the most, because he felt his back itching from those stares, he could feel their questions in his mind, botherin
You turn up like a bad penny!You have a finger in every pie!
Don't call me a lunatic, that is not mine.
It's that damn lamp, I had to break it!
Why did I attack the girl?
Because of her earrings, damn it!
Why I have one in my hand when I need to make a gift,
Stop infesting my pizza, you bloody thing!
Why that girl carries them on her grocery bag?!?
Why do you stare at me,
I saw them dancing in my dreams!
Release me, I'm not crazy, it's everywhere!
I feel it, it's pestering me, man!
I'm not nuts, I woke up wanting that smoothie
I know I'll regret it,
Damn pointy and delicious thing
Why do I have to dance around like that?
Can't stop, won't stop that's what it wants,
That's its dance!
Wanna drink some tea with me?
It's on the teapot, did you see it?
Stop telling me it's my imagination,
I can see it even on the menu!
Damn delicious scones!
I want to split it with an axe!
Don't get in the way, I want to chop it!
No, I don't want an upside down cake,
Argh, strip yourself from that shirt,
That pattern hurts my eyes!
I w
2nd prize- Megatron poemLife is hard to the chosen one,
You dared to steal my destiny,
The true Prime is only one,
My brother became my enemy.
A strange sense of humor Fate has,
Inferior bugs kept me prisoner,
An ice coffin where I laid tense,
Just extinction will be your absolver.
The Autobot scum energon is shed,
I'm thirsty, but that bloody Prime doesn't die.
One of those mean bugs  attacked
The needed Allspark in my chest and bye bye!
But a true warrior never gives up
Even from the darkest depths I shall rise
With no Prime we'll see a breakup
But fighting in Egypt wasn't very wise.
'Retreat' to a true warrior has such a bitter taste,
But Decepticons nevermore will languish in disguise,
Not using the old Prime would be such a waste!
My home Cybertron will revive, while Earth dies.
The old Prime shall not steal my revenge
From my digits I feel Victory had fled
I kick Sentinel's old aft beyond the abyss edge
But scrap, once again... I'm dead!
Now the name is Galvatron,
And again I'm back to the business

-Paper doll of your character or avatar for 150 :iconpointsplz: Kiriban 30000 Raneem90 Nooo don't eat me! by IllyDragonfly

-A photo commission (you can choose among: animal, plants/flowers/mushrooms, landscapes, or me holding a fansign) for 150 :iconpointsplz: 102SasuSaku Commission-Fansign by IllyDragonfly

Prices increase if you ask for more than two characters, for backgrounds Friendship by IllyDragonfly

Mature Content

Disturbing mushrooms by IllyDragonfly
I3-byUsagi commission Horror movie girl by IllyDragonfly TheOracleDragon point commission- My princesses by IllyDragonfly
or for stories longer than 3 pages or for poetries longer than 2 pages.




These are icons and stamps made for me by great artists. NOT FOR FREE USE, they are my PRECIOUSSSSS! Thank you.

Boyfriends an alien stamp by athyn100 Boyfriend will eat you stamp by athyn100 IllyDragonfly Fan by British-Prophetess Breakfast Otherwise I'll Bite You by British-Prophetess Diet stamp-Request #6 by SilviaStarlight5 :thumb388904126:
pixel icon by Freysen (here I own just the middle girl)
.: RQ :.icon by XD-or-what

Mature Content

Sexeh Time by Jasmo
:thumb413964701: Helen by ciel0nn :thumb430826066: Icon commission for IllyDragonfly by pixelMizu Icon Commission for illydragonfly by Valtial Cat in a box by seedles Re-animation Potion by arada11 Icon Angerona by Korhann Icon Comission 1 by xStarlightWishx Comm: Illydragonfly icon by Kregl Deathdancer by No-pe Zombie Angerona Icon by Korhann Death Dancer by No-pe and edited by Jasmo by IllyDragonfly Commission for IllyDragonfly by That-Cake Widget Comm: Asphodele icon by Korhann Illydragonfly By Silverthetwilight-d8pigxf Angeron by IllyDragonfly Angerona Newest Gif by miss-alchemist Gluttony By Apocapoop-d9c9r5b by IllyDragonfly

Honored by having them by my side

:iconkregl: :icontheoracledragon: :iconfierydragonwriter: :iconi3-byusagi: :icondear-cotton-candy: :iconmmsmith1777: :icondarksora01: :iconjasmo: :iconnon-nobis-domine: :iconsweetyxenomorph: :iconxenopreddragon: :iconnibie: :iconblood-pleasures: :iconciel0nn: :iconcompeepip: :iconfiji-fujii: :icontheta-xi: :iconlittlescavenger:


Ah, I should go sleeping too, damn dA, you are like a drug to me! :XD:
Tue Nov 17, 2015, 3:05 PM
good night illy, go sleeping, must get up early
Mon Nov 16, 2015, 3:10 PM
Thank you! :heart:
Mon Jun 1, 2015, 11:04 AM
good night illy
Sun May 31, 2015, 3:24 PM
Hi! :)
Wed Feb 25, 2015, 6:34 AM
Hi :D
Wed Feb 25, 2015, 6:14 AM
Is it funny, eh???? I like funny videos with Alien and Predator! :XD:
Tue Feb 17, 2015, 5:13 AM
Mon Feb 16, 2015, 8:09 PM
You're webcam xD
Mon Feb 16, 2015, 8:08 PM
Sat Dec 20, 2014, 5:08 AM

To Do List

1) Ask to my OCs
2) Celebration page Erik/Karnak comic (for the 100 watchers) and one shots
3) :icondear-cotton-candy: collaboration meme
4) :icontxelan: art meme
5) Sex face meme boy/girl OC
6) 'I'm sexier than any girl, bitch!' project
7) :iconfiji-fujii: art trade
8) :icontheoracledragon: free D9 commission: Scott and Aria babysit lil Olo
9) :icontheta-xi: art trade (not decided yet)

10) :iconswagnardo: TMNT OC Archie hot and badass (50% paid)



Would you like to see more collaborations (like me coloring others' linearts)? 

4 deviants said Yes please, I'd love to see more colored linearts by you! :D
1 deviant said I wouldn't mind much, until you keep posting your drawings/stories/photos! :shrug:
No deviants said I don't want to see collaborations, I want to see more cosplay! :eager:
No deviants said Other (comment)


I won't be here, my little stalkers,
This dragonfly is so excited for this Sunday
Don't be afraid, my sweet peepers!
This chubby Tifa will be gone for a cosplay!
Tick-tock, tick-tock
This dragonfly buzzes worried
Checking a clock
Two weeks flew quite hurried.

Don't wish to be a pest
I'm sure you already know
May your odds be the best
My contest is on the go.
Be creative and quite deft
Collecting prizes to tempt you
may your victory wish come true
Let's start a new contest!
Like a sinner in church I sweat,
all my meals taste just like grass
I run in circle like a mouse to vent
Why I can't cloak this giant ass?

Celebrating Carnival with a horrible meal replacement,
Half naked and a bit slutty
I'll fight with great sensuality
But I'd still tie people and their snacks in my basement!

My new contest: love my OCs

Sat Jan 16, 2016, 6:41 AM
Edit: and after 3 weeks we have officially 1 participant, hurrah! :party:
Just four more and the first prize will be unlocked! :eager:

1) :iconjasmo:
Rolweena by Jasmo

Hi, dA folks! Finally it's time... after an eternity I'm ready to host another contest about my OCs! :party: :clap: :iconyeahplz:
I asked in a poll about possible contest themes and a simple 'Draw my OCs' was the most chosen. Not very original, but who cares? XD
But I noticed that among the ones who voted not everyone drew, so I decide that for this contest I'LL ACCEPT ANY KIND OF MEDIA: drawings (traditional or digital), photomanipulations, cosplay, artisan crafts (food included), written works (stories, poems, haiku...), so everyone will have an opportunity. You want to cosplay like one of my OCs, decorate an egg with a drawing of my OCs, make an origami or a nail art inspired by them? You can do it, until you take a decent quality photo of it and my OC is recognizable. Surprise me! :la:

Some rules (read well!!!):
:bulletgreen: The contest is about my OCs. My friends' OCs ( like :iconfierydragonwriter: or :icontheoracledragon: ) don't count, so read well the description of the deviations and in case of doubt ask me if I own a certain OC.
:bulletgreen: ALL MEDIA ARE ALLOWED! In case of doubt just ask me, I don't bite.
:bulletgreen: You can submit more than one entry, but just one can be chosen for a prize.
:bulletgreen: You can't use my own works as base for photomanipulations or other. I don't want to see my own works revisited (or I would do it myself). Be creative. 
:bulletgreen: If you use works done by others as base you need their plain authorization and you have to credit them.
:bulletgreen: You can add your own OCs to the work, or my friends OCs, just keep in mind that the contest is about my OCs, so they should be the main characters.
:bulletgreen: The contests STARTS the 17th of January, it ENDS the 24th of March, a bit longer than 2 months. If someone needs more time you can ask me, but I won't procrastinate more than twice.
:bulletgreen: I need at least 5 participants to make the contest fair, so if you can't participate share this contest, it would be a pity not giving prizes just because not enough participated!

Prizes (still collecting them, prize donors can still participate):
:bulletgreen: (with at least 5 participants) 1st prize:
-300 :iconpointsplz:, 1 :llama: ,  1 portrait (until hips) pinup by me.
-1 detailed drawing request by :iconblood-pleasures: New 

:bulletgreen: (with more than 10 participants) 2nd prize:  
-200 :iconpointsplz: , 1 :llama: , 1 chibi with food (or a chibi zodiac sign) by me,
-1 normal drawing request by :iconblood-pleasures: New 

:bulletgreen: (with more than 15 participants) 3rd prize:
-100 :iconpointsplz: , 1 :llama: ,  1 chibi with food (or a chibi zodiac sign) by me, 
-1 sketch request by :iconblood-pleasures: New 

I need enough participants to make the competition fair, but I hope I'll manage to have at least 10!
And now, my OCs: I have some human looking ones, some who can look like kemonomimi, some dragon like people, more aliens, Transformers, yautjas (from Predators) and Poleepkwas (District 9 'prawns'). 
Here some images of my characters, but for more you can check my gallery, just type their name. I have many, I hope the big variety will inspire you.

:bulletred: Alien vs Predator universe
Karnak Beh’rei (male), Julie Swanson (female), Tineira (female), Vil’ka (female), Outlander (male), Axelica (female), Gabriel (male), Wulf’sahr (male), Dama (female), Rolweena (female), Keh’feir (male), Bear (male), Ba’li Vil'ka (female), Paya (male), Cetanu (female), Ma’ja (female), Vimala (female), Hyena (male), Mi'kah (male). 

Mature Content

Pred-Love predator of the month 10 Drunk by IllyDragonfly
Mary-Sue pride by IllyDragonfly  Hot summer by IllyDragonfly 

Mature Content

Happy birthday TheOracleDragon- Dangerous curves by IllyDragonfly

Mature Content

7 Deadly Sins-Lust by IllyDragonfly
Pred-Love predator of the month 3 A family member by IllyDragonflyPred-Love predator of the month 11 Kids by IllyDragonflyPred-Love predator of the month13 Why tusk carving by IllyDragonflyPred-Love predator of the month 8 Stress reliever by IllyDragonfly

Mature Content

30 day m. girl challenge 27 A truly gruesome girl by IllyDragonfly
Sup, peasants!!!! by SweetyXenomorph ART TRADE Balance ART TRADE by I3-byUsagiPredator Alien holiday contest entry part 1 of 2 by IllyDragonflyTheOracleDragon point commission Ma'ja ref sheet by IllyDragonflyJasmo pred of the month challenge 12 Green lantern by IllyDragonfly Expressions challenge 2.0 3 by IllyDragonflyExpressions challenge 2.0 7 by IllyDragonfly

You can draw the humanized version of Karnak (Darrick) too. 
Kiriban Prize: Karnak gijinka by Yaoi-WorldThug life by IllyDragonfly

(missing still good references of Keh'feir, Bear and Mi'kah, I will try to add them in the next days/week)

:bulletred: District 9 universe
Kiri (hermaphrodite), Helen Kane (female), Olo (hermaphrodite), Scott (hermaphrodite), 
7 Deadly Sins-Greed by IllyDragonfly7 Deadly Sins-Gluttony by IllyDragonfly

Mature Content

The Halloween outfit part 1 by IllyDragonfly
The Halloween outfit part 2 by IllyDragonflyTheOracleDragon point commission Olo reference by IllyDragonfly Expressions challenge 2.0 4 by IllyDragonflyExpressions challenge 2.0 2 by IllyDragonfly

:bulletred: Transformers prime universe
Death Dancer (female), Death Blade (male), Ladyblue (female), Crystal (female), Piper (female), Neutronstar (male), Skyblade (male), Hailstorm (male), Tempest (female), 
Kiss it, Autobot! by IllyDragonflySeekers beauty by IllyDragonflyProblems at the workplace by IllyDragonfly 

Mature Content

Expressions challenge 07 Indecent Ladyblue by IllyDragonfly
Expressions challenge 06 Disgusted Crystal by IllyDragonfly30 day monster girl challenge 24 Multiple limbs by IllyDragonflyKIRIBAN Real KIRIBAN by I3-byUsagiSeekerlings by IllyDragonflyExpressions challenge 2.0 3 by IllyDragonfly

:bulletred: Luminians universe (If you draw a Luminian OC you need to credit :iconcompeepip: too since she created the species)
Urtica (female), Asphodèle (female), Lunaire (female), Briza (female), Fumaria (female), Celsia (female),
Urtica Tea reference sheet by IllyDragonfly

Mature Content

Throwing it in his face by IllyDragonfly

Mature Content

CustomAlienOCs monthly challenge 6-Naughty list by IllyDragonfly
Expressions challenge 2.0 4 by IllyDragonflyExpressions challenge 2.0 5 by IllyDragonfly

:bulletred: Kessians universe (If you draw a Kessian OC you need to credit :iconfiji-fujii: too for creating Kessians)
Lemayian (male) , Sadira (female), Kerwin (male)Lemayian the Kessian reference sheet by IllyDragonflyCommission Fiji-Fujii- Teasing Nua by IllyDragonflyThe love of a mother by IllyDragonflyHow we were by IllyDragonflyTurtleneck keyhole sweater meme 2.0 by IllyDragonflyExpressions challenge 2.0 4 by IllyDragonfly

Mature Content

Commission No. 11 by Fiji-Fujii

:bulletred: Dead foxes universe If you draw my OC Angerona the dead fox you have to credit :iconkregl: too for creating the dead foxes)
Angerona (female) Angerona the dead fox reference sheet by IllyDragonfly

Mature Content

Happy Halloween 2014 Urtica and Angerona by IllyDragonfly
Mission impossible by IllyDragonflyAngerona by KenaxzAngerona by cheroheroHappy birthday Kenazx- Funeral flowers by IllyDragonfly

These are just some examples, for more look in my gallery, I have folders about these different universes.
I hope my OCs will manage to inspire you! Spread the word, and do you best. And don't be afraid to ask me things, okay? ;)
Ah, I almost forgot! HAVE FUN! :heart:

Kiss kiss


Artist | Varied
Hi, I'm Illy, but you can call me Elena if you want. Nice to meet you.
Thank you for the visit. Enjoy your stay. :hug:

Other websites (but I'm always on dA):
LiveJournal (written works) name illydragonfly
Furaffinity.Net (visual art) name Ladysadique01
If you want you can watch me there too. ;)

I like using stamps (as you can see!) but I didn't create them.
These stamps are done for me by my dear friends
Boyfriends an alien stamp by athyn100 Boyfriend will eat you stamp by athyn100 IllyDragonfly Fan by British-Prophetess Breakfast Otherwise I'll Bite You by British-Prophetess Diet stamp-Request #6 by SilviaStarlight5

I love drawing and writing, and taking photos. I love my cat, and I'm a fan of Predators, District 9 aliens and Transformers: sexy alien fans unite!

Current Residence: Under your bed, ih ih!
Favourite cartoon character: Sebastian, the black butler and Starscream by Transformers prime!
Personal Quote: Acqua cheta rompe i ponti

Free counters!


Haute Couture Wedding by Neko-Vi
by Neko-Vi

This is my first critique and I really hope no one will get hurt or consider it too amateurish. As artist Nekovi is clearly talented, f...


Feb 10, 2016
7:53 am
Feb 9, 2016
2:50 pm
Feb 9, 2016
11:50 am
Feb 9, 2016
11:06 am
Feb 9, 2016
10:40 am


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